01 July, 2010

TID Blog: Welcome to GO! GO! Hyogo!

Hello everyone! We’re the Hyogo Tourism Association!

Today we’re celebrating the launch of our official blog: GO! GO! HYOGO!

The bloggers are all members of the Tourist Information Desk, or the TID. Their job is to promote tourism in Hyogo and support tourists coming to Hyogo. There are three members of the TID, Ping, Soo, and Shark. They are all bilingual, so the TID can cover not only the local tourists but the visitors from around the world.
As for me, I'm Hana, and I'm in charge of this blog as well as the Hyogo Tourism Association's website.

In GO! GO! HYOGO, we’re going to introduce everything there is to know about Hyogo. From interesting places to delicious food, exciting activities, and many more!

Hyogo is now in tsuyu, or the rainy season.

When Japanese people think of the rainy season, we often associate it with the flower Hydrangea. The colorful flowers of Hydrangea stand out beautifully in a dark, rainy, day. Here are some pictures of Hydrangea.

Starting from the next issue, one of the TID members will update this blog. We’ll post tons of interesting topics and information so we truly hope you’ll enjoy it. See you on the next TID Blog!

Hana (Hyogo Tourism Association)