20 September, 2011

On November 20, 2011, Kobe Marathon will be held for the first time.
The theme for this event is “Thanks and Friendship.”

Through this event, the organizers want to share the experience of the earthquake that Hyogo, especially Kobe, went through. To see people accomplishing the marathon will hopefully give some courage to the people who are still suffering the effects of natural disasters.

The runners can enjoy beautiful views of Kobe, and the spectators also have a lot to see and do while they are in town. 

09 September, 2011

【Outdoor Activities】Paragliding in Tamba

  Here in Hyogo, there is a mecca of air sports.
   The town of Aogaki in Tamba city calls itself “Sky Sports Town Aogaki.” It’s the most popular spot for air sports in the Kansai region.
Located 90 minutes by express bus from Sannomiya Station and Osaka Station, this town is located directly north of Kobe.
Today, we’re going to introduce one of the most popular air sports in town: Paragliding.

Paragliding in Aogaki