20 June, 2011

[GOURMET] Akashiyaki vs. Takoyaki

  In our second installment from the Gourmet series, I decided to show the difference between Akashiyaki and Takoyaki. They look very similar, so some people may wonder what the difference is. I visited Akashi to taste the true Akashiyaki. 

  A famous dish from the city of Akashi in Hyogo prefecture, it is also called tamagoyaki by the locals. Akashiyaki is considered to be the root of Takoyaki, which is very popular throughout the country.

Akashiyaki of Akashi                            Takoyaki of Osaka

15 June, 2011

[GOURMET] Sweets

  Starting today, we’re going to write features on a series of popular themes. The first theme is gourmet food, starting with Kobe sweets.

  Kobe is the birthplace of Japan’s western sweets. This makes Kobe sweets famous throughout Japan, and it has many of the country’s most famous stores, cafés, and restaurants that serve delicious sweets.
  Western-style sweets in Japan are known for their cute displays, but Kobe sweets are made with extra attention given to looks and presentation. The stores are known to be very chic as well. But of course, the taste of these artworks is also amazing.

They all look so delicious!!