21 September, 2012

Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis exhibition starts Sept 29 in Kobe!

The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis Special exhibition started on Saturday, September 29 in Kobe City Museum.

Have you heard of the museum Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis? Located in The Hague, Holland, this museum is known as a storehouse of art masterpieces including Dutch paintings. “What masterpieces?” I hear you ask. Here’s the one everyone recognizes!

Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring (c.1665)
Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis 

11 September, 2012

Art: Histric Street Art Festival in Tamba Sasayama

Hi everyone! We start featuring art from this issue. Today, I’d like to introduce Historic Street Art Festival, also called Machinami Art Festival, held in Tamba Sasayama. This seven-day showcase transforms old houses into art galleries and takes place from 15  to 17 Sept. and 20 to 23 Sept. this year. 25 house galleries display potteries, paintings, sculptures and pictures works of total 32 artists. It is a stylish festival!

Masaaki Mizukami/Moldings

07 September, 2012

Hyogo’s Best Viewpoints: Kinosaki Hot Springs and the Observation Deck.

In this issue, we’ll be starting a new series about Hyogo’s best views. The first edition features Kinosaki Onsen Ropeway and observation deck/observatory. Kinosaki Onsen Ropeway (676m) opened in 1963. It runs between Kinosaki Hot Springs resort and the summit of Mt. Daishi.

This cable car will afford you sweeping vistas of Kinosaki town and the Sea of Japan. At the middle station, there is a temple called Onsen-ji and visitors who continue to the observatory at the mountaintop will be able to enjoy a great view of Kinosaki in any season.