29 March, 2012

【Spring Flower Series】Cherry blossoms at Himeji Castle

 When spring comes, Someiyoshino (the most common type of cherry tree in Japan), the mountain cherry trees, weeping cherry trees and others located at the National Treasure Himeji Castle are in full bloom. The castle garden has many prominent cherry blossom viewing spots and is considered one of “the 100 best viewing spots for cherry blossoms in Japan.”

The Himeji Castle
(the restoration will finish in spring, 2015)

16 March, 2012

【Spring Flower Series】Tanto Tulip Festival

 When it comes to famous spots to admire tulips in Hyogo prefecture, Awaji Island and the Hyogo Prefecture Flower Center in Kasai City are too good to miss. But, this issue will introduce Tanto Tulip Festival which is very popular due to its unique and beautiful flower art.

 The Tanto Tulip Festival is held every year in the tulip fields of Tanto-cho, Toyooka city. A carpet of colorful tulips (approximately 700, 000 flowers) comes into bloom in April.

 The highlight of the festival is “Flower Art.” A carpet of flower art is made using about 100,000 tulips in line with the year’s theme. The Islands of Japan, Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Yume-Hacchi (the mascot of the 2000 Awaji Flower Expo), Astro Boy, Hello Kitty and Peko-chan (the mascot of Fujiya, a chain of confectionery stores in Japan) have all made an appearance in the past. Visitors are impressed by the elaborate designs and theme every year.

(mascot of Awaji Flower Expo) 

Hello Kitty(2005)

The design of this year’s flower art isGenki Daruma(a daruma doll in high spirits).We are looking forward to seeing what this year’s flower art looks like!

In the tulip fields, temporary outlets of local specialties and a bazaar will be opened alongside tulip picking and a photography competition. Why not have some lunch at a soba noodle restaurant called Akahana Soba-no-Sato? It is located near the tulip fields.
Please enjoy this quiet mountain town’s flower festival


Tanto Tulip Festival
Date: Late April, 2012 (expected)
Venue: Tulip flower fields in Hatayama, Tanto-cho , Toyooka city
Admission: Adult \500, Junior high school age or younger \200
Access: 30 minute bus ride from Toyooka, Ebara or Yoka stations on the JR Sanin line then change buses at Izushi for Okufuji. Get off  at “Mongoru Hakubutukan Mae (Mongolian museum bus stop)” and walk for 5 minutes.

(You can use Zentan Express Bus for Toyooka. See http://www.zentanbus.co.jp/ (Japanese))

     Tulip viewing spots in Hyogo

Hyogo Prefecture Flower Center (Kasai city)

Useful links:

 Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park (Awaji city)

Awami Yume-Butai (Awaji city)

 Our next issue , the fourth article in theSpring Flower Series, will be about moss pink in Sanda city. Don’t miss it!

HanaHyogo Tourism Association)

12 March, 2012

【Spring Flower Series】Cherry Blossoms in Oji Zoo

Kobe City has many famous spots for viewing cherry blossoms. This time, we will introduce Kobe Oji Zoo as a great cherry-blossom site as well as the home of a lovable giant panda.