20 December, 2012

Hyogo souvenir collection: Banshu-ori Textiles

New serious “Hyogo souvenir collection” starts from this issue.
When you travel somewhere, picking up souvenir is always fun part of a journey. We would like to introduce some of the best local products in Hyogo in this series. Today, I’ll introduce the Hyogo’s top-end textiles Banshu-ori.

11 December, 2012

Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum

Guest writers Kanae and Mariko who worked as summer interns write for this issue.

 Hi, everyone! We would like to introduce Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum which is situated in Kobe Sannnomiya/Motomachi area. 

Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum
This museum is Japan’s one and only museum that displays carpentry tools. Visitors can see the history, details of carpentry tools and reproductions of classic tools used for centuries in this country. Exhibitions are easy-to-follow and beautiful to see. There are visual touch screen navigations that allow you to study more about the tools.