20 December, 2012

Hyogo souvenir collection: Banshu-ori Textiles

New serious “Hyogo souvenir collection” starts from this issue.
When you travel somewhere, picking up souvenir is always fun part of a journey. We would like to introduce some of the best local products in Hyogo in this series. Today, I’ll introduce the Hyogo’s top-end textiles Banshu-ori.


History of Banshu textiles
Banshu textiles was established in North Harima area in Hyogo 220 years ago. This traditional production was influenced by Kyoto’s Nishijin textiles. It was a second job of famers at the beginning and became a major local industry today. The reason for the textile industry became major in this area is blessed with nature and crystal stream. Water plays an integral part in this industry. Look how beautifully fabrics were dyed in the picture. Only qualified textiles which created in Kita Harima region can claim their products as Banshu-ori.


Worldwide reputation
Interlacing warp and weft yarns make vivid, steady and silky Banshu textiles. The quality has been internationally acclaimed, and  top luxury brands such as Barberry, Louis Vuitton and DAKS employ Banshu fabrics in their products.

Banshu-ori Kouboukan
Banshu-ori Kouboukan, located in Nishiwaki city, has a Banshu-ori factory as well as Banshu-ori products. Traditional Banshu woven scarves, bags and funs make great souvenir for your journey. Jeans are also popular items here.

How to get there…
Take the Shinki Bus from JR Nishiwaki station (8mins.)
Address: 452-1 Nishiwaki, Nishiwaki-shi
Hours: 11am – 5pm
Dates closed: Mondays (If the Monday falls on a public holiday, the door will be closed next day.)
Website: http://www.umekichi-tmo.jp/kouboukan/index.html (Japanese)

Historic costume made of Banshu-ori
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We wish you a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!