18 May, 2012

Helpful Tips: Japan’s telecommunication System: Mobile phones and the Internet.

When it comes to travel, mobile phones and the internet are essential tools to find up to date local information these days. Today I’ll give you some information on Japan’s telecommunication system.

Japan has its own mobile network, so that mobile phones from abroad do not always work within Japan’s network. Would you like to have mobile internet in Japan? You have a few options. It is a good idea to rent a Japanese mobile phones or SIM card. Please note that mobiles stores in cities don’t offer these services.

Kansai International Airport offers rental services

11 May, 2012

Helpful tips: Japan's amazing toilets

 Today I’ll introduce Japanese toilets, which are undoubtedly the world’s most sophisticated toilets. Knowing how to use local restrooms while traveling is very important!

Where can I find restrooms?
 In Japan, finding public restrooms couldn’t be simpler. You’ll usually find them in train stations, but convenience stores, department stores and hotels allow you to use their restrooms as well. You can use any toilet without spending a penny!