30 November, 2010

We Created a Video of Kobe, Hyogo

  Recently, the New York Times started a section on their website called “Show Us Your City.” Viewers can grab a camera, make a video of them giving a tour of their hometown, submit it to the New York Times, and they post it up on their website.

  We figured it would be a great way to introduce our prefecture to a wider audience. We also didn’t have a video for Sannomiya, so we said why not, and decided to give it a shot! We had a few locations to choose from, but we decided to go with Sannomiya. It’s the busiest area in Hyogo, and it’s also close to our office, in case we have to retake some footage since we’re total beginners. I think it ended up being a good call.

20 November, 2010

Kobe Luminarie Lights Up Kobe’s Winter

  This year marks the 16th anniversary of the Kobe Luminarie. The festival is held between December 2nd to December 12th at the Old Foreign Settlement and Higashi-Yuenchi in Chuo-ku, Kobe.
  The festival began in December of 1995 in memory of the lives that were lost during the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, but now, this popular winter festival represents the hopes and bright futures of the people of Kobe.

 Illuminating Arches

10 November, 2010

Restaurants and Hotels Guide Book “Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka Kobe 2011”

   Have you ever heard of the Michelin Guide? It’s a guide book for exceptional restaurants and hotels, created by the French tire company, Michelin. It was originally created as a guide distributed free of charge to motorists to make their travels easier and more enjoyable. For the first time in history, restaurants in Kobe were published on this world-famous gourmet guide book.

Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka Kobe 2011