10 November, 2010

Restaurants and Hotels Guide Book “Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka Kobe 2011”

   Have you ever heard of the Michelin Guide? It’s a guide book for exceptional restaurants and hotels, created by the French tire company, Michelin. It was originally created as a guide distributed free of charge to motorists to make their travels easier and more enjoyable. For the first time in history, restaurants in Kobe were published on this world-famous gourmet guide book.

Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka Kobe 2011

   A total of 312 restaurants, hotels, and Japanese inns were select this year, of which 50 were from Kobe (42 Japanese/Sushi restaurants, three French restaurants, three steakhouses, one Spanish restaurant, and one teppanyaki restaurant). The Japanese style restaurant Komago and Spanish restaurant Ca Sento received three-star ratings. It is the highest rating possible by a restaurant, and there are only 90 three-star restaurants in the entire world! We’re very proud to have two world-class restaurants right here in Hyogo prefecture.

   Kobe is famous for its beef, so it’s not surprising to have three steak houses that received the Michelin rating in Kobe. They all use top-notch Kobe beef, and one of them was the first steak house in history to receive a two-star rating. That just shows the quality of the Kobe beef, and the level of the restaurants and chefs we have in this city.

   On October 19th, prior to the book sales, 50 award winning chefs and owners gathered at a prefectural building and celebrated the release of the book.

                     Chefs from the three-star restaurants     Michelien’s Bibendum with Hyogo’s Habatan.

   People tend to think that restaurants in the Michelin Guide are very expensive, but that’s not the case. In this issue, there’s a coin mark on the restaurants that cost less than \5,000. Even the three-star Ca’sent is one of them.

Grab a copy, come to Hyogo, and enjoy delicious dining at an affordable price!

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