30 August, 2011

【Outdoor Activities】Hiking in Mt. Rokko

  Hiking has become a popular activity among young people in the past few years. Even the term Yama-Girl, or a mountain girl, was created to refer to girls who wear colorful mountain outfits and go hiking. Hiking is one of the favorite outdoor activities for people of all ages.
Hiking in Mt. Rokko

19 August, 2011

【Outdoor Activities】Cycling in Awaji Island

  Our new series will be on outdoor activities in Hyogo.
  Today’s blog will be about cycling in Awaji Island. Awaji Island is located in southern Hyogo, and the quality of the road makes it a popular course among die-hard cyclists.

To get to Awaji Island, catch the Jenova Line ferry from Akashi to Iwaya in Awaji. At the information centers listed below, they offer rental bicycles,as well as electric bicycles.
Bicycle Rentals
Information Center: First floor of Port Building in Iwaya, Awaji
Information Center: Bus terminal in Higashiura, Awaji

Cyclists can choose from variety of courses depending on their level and schedule, from an easy course visiting popular facilities on the island, to a course that circles the whole island. All courses run along the coastline, so enjoy the cool sea breeze during your bike ride.

 Cycling in Awaji Island2010 Awaji Long Ride 150) 

10 August, 2011

Summer Events and Traditions: Festivals and Fairs

  The third installment of our Summer Events and Traditions series is on summer festivals and fairs.
  During summer, many festivals are held to keep away the bad luck. One of the most popular events is called Bon-Odori. Odori means dance in Japanese and this particular type of traditional dance event is held during Obon season. It is held to greet the spirits of the deceased who can only return to this world during the time of Obon.
  One of the most famous Bon-Odori festivals is the Dekansho-festival held in Sasayama, Hyogo. This year, the festival will be held on August 15 and 16.

 Dekansho Festival