19 August, 2011

【Outdoor Activities】Cycling in Awaji Island

  Our new series will be on outdoor activities in Hyogo.
  Today’s blog will be about cycling in Awaji Island. Awaji Island is located in southern Hyogo, and the quality of the road makes it a popular course among die-hard cyclists.

To get to Awaji Island, catch the Jenova Line ferry from Akashi to Iwaya in Awaji. At the information centers listed below, they offer rental bicycles,as well as electric bicycles.
Bicycle Rentals
Information Center: First floor of Port Building in Iwaya, Awaji
Information Center: Bus terminal in Higashiura, Awaji

Cyclists can choose from variety of courses depending on their level and schedule, from an easy course visiting popular facilities on the island, to a course that circles the whole island. All courses run along the coastline, so enjoy the cool sea breeze during your bike ride.

 Cycling in Awaji Island2010 Awaji Long Ride 150) 

  There are many spots and facilities that cyclists can visit, so you can go sightseeing and take a break at the same time.
  We’ll introduce some of the sightseeing locations located along the island’s circular course.

Iwaya Port
  Rent a bicycle as soon as you get off the ferry.

National Route 28 (Kokudo 28 go-sen)
     Awaji Yumebutai2 Yumebutai, Awaji-shi
Enjoy the seasonal flowers at Plants Museum of Miracle Planet and Hyakudanen (100 Terraced Garden Squares).  
Spot Information: Awaji Yumebutai 

Plants Museum of Miracle Planet

National Route 28 (Kokudo 28 go-sen) 

Sumoto Hot SpringsSumoto-shi
 One of the most popular hot springs on the island. Ashiyu, or foot bath is popular among the locals and a great way to relax and recover from a long day. Hourakuyaki, a popular dish using fresh seafood from the island, is a must-have when visiting the island.
Spot Information: Sumoto Hot Springs 

      Shiosai-no-yuFoot Bath              Hourakuyaki
Prefectural Road 76Minami Awaji Suisen Line, Prefectural Road 25

Whirlpool CruiseFukura, Minami Awaji-shi
For a break, hop on a cruise boat and experience this powerful whirlpool!
Joy Port Minami Awaji http://www.uzu-shio.com/ (Japanese)

Whirlpool Cruise

Prefectural Road 25
KeinomatsubaraMatsuho Kotsuro, Minami Awaji-shi
  This beach is famous for its amazing sunset over the Seto Inland Sea with 50,000 Awaji Black Pines in the foreground.
 Spot Information: Keinomatsubara    


Prefectural Road 31Awaji Sunset Line
  Travel in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset over the Seto Inland Sea on the road.

Bath of Beauty Matsuho-no-yuIwaya Awaji-cho, Awaji-shi
 A natural outdoor hot spring overlooking Akashi Strait and Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge. A perfect way to rest your body while enjoying the view.

Bath of Beauty Matsuho-no-yu

Prefectural Road 31 (Awaji Sunset Line)

     Iwaya Port 
Welcome back!

There are many other great locations for sightseeing on the island.
More Information on Awaji

Come and enjoy cycling on the beautiful island of Awaji!
The next blog will be on hiking Mt. Rokko! See you next time!

HanaHyogo Tourism Association)