10 August, 2011

Summer Events and Traditions: Festivals and Fairs

  The third installment of our Summer Events and Traditions series is on summer festivals and fairs.
  During summer, many festivals are held to keep away the bad luck. One of the most popular events is called Bon-Odori. Odori means dance in Japanese and this particular type of traditional dance event is held during Obon season. It is held to greet the spirits of the deceased who can only return to this world during the time of Obon.
  One of the most famous Bon-Odori festivals is the Dekansho-festival held in Sasayama, Hyogo. This year, the festival will be held on August 15 and 16.

 Dekansho Festival

Tamba-Sasayama Dekansho Festival

  The nationally famous Dekansho dance was created in the Edo period in the Tamba-Sasayama region. At night, people form a large circle and dance to the Dekansho song. Along with beautiful fireworks, the dance is a major part of this festival.

Venue  Sasayama Castle Ruins (Kitashin-machi, Sasayama)
Hours  12:00~22:00
Access  Catch the Shinki Green Bus for Sasayama-Eigyojo from JR Sasayamaguchi Station on the JR Fukuchiyama Line. Get off at Sasayama-Honmachi.

A Bon-Odori even is also held in Meriken Park, Kobe.

Kobe Seaside Bon Odori

  Kobe Seaside Bon-Odori takes the traditional form of the dance and gives it a distinct Kobe style. Meriken Park, right underneath Kobe Port Tower, is the venue for this event. Many people from both inside and outside of Hyogo come and enjoy this special event.

Date: August 20 (Sat) 2011  16:0020:45
Venue: Meriken Park (Hatobacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi)

 Meriken Park

  Another fun part about the festivals is the vendors.
  Delicious food like Takoyaki (dumplings with octopus inside) and Yakisoba (Fried noodles) can be purchased. They also offer fun games like scooping goldfish. People of all ages can enjoy this fun and exciting event.

One of the Many Vendors

 That’s it for the theme “Summer Events and Traditions.”
Next up, we’ll be focusing on “Outdoor Activities in Hyogo”
The first installment will be on cycling!
See you next issue!

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