30 August, 2011

【Outdoor Activities】Hiking in Mt. Rokko

  Hiking has become a popular activity among young people in the past few years. Even the term Yama-Girl, or a mountain girl, was created to refer to girls who wear colorful mountain outfits and go hiking. Hiking is one of the favorite outdoor activities for people of all ages.
Hiking in Mt. Rokko
  Mt. Rokko, standing 931 meters above sea level, is one of the most popular places for outdoor activities in the Kansai region. Mt. Rokko’s easy access and its beautiful nature attract people from all over Kansai. Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya are most famous for their night view. This view is also known as the “10 million dollar night view”, and it is considered to be one of the three most beautiful night views in Japan.

View from Mt. Rokko

Beautiful Night View from Mt. Rokko
  So why not enjoy hiking at the beautiful Mt. Rokko?
Mt. Rokko is one of the few mountains in the world that has over 100 hiking courses.

  Today, we’ll introduce you to one of the easier courses, taking you from Ashiyagawa Station to the mountain top, then through to Arima Hot Springs!

Mt. Rokko Easy Course Time: 4 hours
     Access to Hankyu Ashiyagawa Station.
From JR Shin-Kobe Station, a 3 minute subway ride to Sannomiya Station. Change to Hankyu, and catch the local train for 15 minutes. Get off at Ashiyagwa Station.
Hankyu Ashiyagawa Station・・・・Make sure the river is on your right hand side, and head towards the mountain.
Koza-no-taki・・・・Enjoy the cool atmosphere by the waterfall.
Rock Garden・・・・The origin of rock climbing in Japan.
Kazafuki-Iwa・・・・The first scenic point. You can see the entire Osaka Bay right before your eyes.

Ama-ga-Toge・・・・A gentle road, so enjoy a nice walk while looking at the seasonal flowers and plants.
Honjo Bridge Ruins・・・・ After Honjo bridge ruins, hikers will encounter “Nana-magari,”one of the hardest sections of this course with a steep hill. 
Ikken-chaya (rest house)・・・・A tea house near the top of the mountain. A vending machine and bathrooms are available.

Ikken-chaya Rest House
Top of Mt. Rokko・・・・You made itTake a picture in front of a sign that reads “The Highest Point of Mt. Rokko”
Arima Hot Springs・・・・One of the three most popular hot springs in Japan. The free footbath is a great way to relax and recover from a long hike.                                                                                                                       
Footbath of Arima Hot Springs

Access from Arima Hot Springs to Sannomiya
Catch the train from Kobe Electric Railway Arima-onsen Station to Arimaguchi Station. Change lines and go to Tanigami Station. From there, catch a train on the Hokushin Line and get off at Sannomiya Station.
Basic Manners While Hiking
If you meet other hikers, don’t forget to say hi.
Make room for others while you are on the course.
Take home your own trash.

Feel KOBE Mt. Rokko

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Try the Mt. Rokko hike on your next visit!

Our next blog entry is going to be about paragliding in Hyogo!
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