09 September, 2011

【Outdoor Activities】Paragliding in Tamba

  Here in Hyogo, there is a mecca of air sports.
   The town of Aogaki in Tamba city calls itself “Sky Sports Town Aogaki.” It’s the most popular spot for air sports in the Kansai region.
Located 90 minutes by express bus from Sannomiya Station and Osaka Station, this town is located directly north of Kobe.
Today, we’re going to introduce one of the most popular air sports in town: Paragliding.

Paragliding in Aogaki

  Iwaya Mountain in Aogaki is perfect for paragliding. Paragliders can fly in all directions, and the mild weather conditions mean that Iwaya Mountain has a high number of flyable days per year. Paragliding schools, such as A ROLL OUT, offer many courses, even for beginners who want to give this exciting sport a try.

  For those who want to experience the sensation of floating, there’s a half-day or full-day “Trial  Course”.

Practicing Paragliding

  The “Tandem Flight Course” will allow you to take flight over Aogaki with the help of a professional instructor.

Tandem Flight for Beginners

  Those who want to fly across the sky on their own can attend “Paragliding School” over a short period of time to receive a paragliding license.

Paragliding School

  The Tandem Flight Course is one of the most popular courses because it allows first-time fliers to experience real paragliding. A flight during the fall will allow you to see the mountains painted in beautiful red and orange from the leaves changing color. 

Other than paragliding, Aogaki is home to the historical Kogenji Temple which was built several hundred years ago, as well as hiking courses for hikers of all levels. In Tamba city, there is a variety of fall delicacies that are unique to the area.
Come visit Aogaki and Tamba to experience the beauty of fall in Japan!

A view of Aogaki and surrounding mountains

Spot Information for Tamba

Our next issue will be on the Kobe Marathon! It’s the first year for this big event to be held in Kobe, and it’s going to attract many runners from all over the country! See you next issue!

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