11 May, 2012

Helpful tips: Japan's amazing toilets

 Today I’ll introduce Japanese toilets, which are undoubtedly the world’s most sophisticated toilets. Knowing how to use local restrooms while traveling is very important!

Where can I find restrooms?
 In Japan, finding public restrooms couldn’t be simpler. You’ll usually find them in train stations, but convenience stores, department stores and hotels allow you to use their restrooms as well. You can use any toilet without spending a penny!

Male to the blue sign, Female to the red sign.

There are two types of Japanese toilets. One is a traditional-style, squat toilet. The other one is modern western-type toilets like you see everywhere around the world today. Even though we call them Western-style toilets, Japanese ones are much more advanced than those of any other part of the world!

Basic Manners
There are many varieties of toilets in the world. No toilet paper is used in Malaysia and Indonesia, while in China and Korea, you don’t flush toilet paper. In Japan, on the other hand, you have to flush toilet paper. Toilets in Japan have a door which is locked during use. There may be times when you have to wait in line. Please keep all the usual rules in mind to maintain a sanitary environment.

Don’t miss high-tech functions!
Cutting-edge Japanese toilets are highly automated, with various buttons and functions. Auto cleansing, heated seat features, toilet seats that automatically open and close and automatic flushing are just some of these functions.

 It might feel weird at first, but once you experience the comfort, there is no going back!

It's called the Washlet. You can adjust as you like.

Automatic flushing

How to use in other languages

Barrier-free toilets
 Japan is currently putting special efforts into introducing more barrier-free toilets.

Diaper change

Japanese toilets will continue to develop to be better and more comfortable. We hope you enjoy clean, safe and comfortable journeys in Japan!

Here’s a detailed animation from YouTube about how to use Japanese toilets.

Next issue, we’d like to share some information about Japan’s telecommunication system such as phones and the Internet. Bye for now!

YuThe Hyogo Tourism Association)