12 March, 2012

【Spring Flower Series】Cherry Blossoms in Oji Zoo

Kobe City has many famous spots for viewing cherry blossoms. This time, we will introduce Kobe Oji Zoo as a great cherry-blossom site as well as the home of a lovable giant panda.

 Kobe Oji Zoo is located in Nada Ward, Kobe City. The surrounding area is tranquil with many cultural sites, despite its close proximity to Sannomiya, the city center of Kobe. Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art is also nearby, and the course from the museum to Oji Zoo is called the Museum Road

The former Hunter’s House is the best place for viewing cherry blossoms in Oji Zoo.

The Hunter’s House is the former residence of Edward Hazlett Hunter, a British entrepreneur. This house was originally situated in the Ijinkan area in Kitano, Kobe and was moved to the northeast corner of the zoo to preserve it for future generations. It is one of the largest of all the foreign residences existing in Kobe.

 The building is open to the public in April, August and October every year. Looking down from the building provides a beautiful view of the cherry blossoms in blooming season. The Hunter’s House is a very popular spot among Kobe citizens to enjoy viewing cherry blossoms.
It is also possible to view and walk through the illuminated cherry blossom trees at night. 

 More than 800 kinds of animals can be seen at Oji Zoo, and the most popular animal in the zoo is the giant panda! The zoo's highlight, Tan Tan, is a female giant panda from China. Visitors can enjoy seeing this adorable panda close up in a special pavilion, “the Panda House.”

 The facilities for the animals in the zoo are elaborated to replicate environments that are close to each animal’s natural habitat while allowing visitors to admire the animals close up.

  Kobe City Museum of Literature is located near the zoo. The building itself was originally constructed as a Branch Memorial Chapel of Kwansei Gakuin University and has a long and distinguished history.
 It introduces post-Meiji famous literary figures who have a connection with Kobe with photographs also illustrating the times.

This spring, why not pay the animals a visit or get acquainted with the literature of Kobe?

Kobe Oji Zoo
Address: 3-1 Oji-cho, Nada Ward, Kobe
Access: 5 minute walk north from JR Nada Stn., 3 minute walk west from Hankyu Oji Koen Stn. or a 10 minute walk north from Hanshin Iwaya Stn.

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (March-October), 9:00-16:30 (November-February)
Closed: Wednesdays (Open when Wednesday is a national holiday), December 29-January 1
Fee: Adults: ¥600, Junior High School Students and younger: Free

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 We will feature Tanto Tulip Festival” as part three of outSpring Flower Series.
 Be seeing you!

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