11 September, 2012

Art: Histric Street Art Festival in Tamba Sasayama

Hi everyone! We start featuring art from this issue. Today, I’d like to introduce Historic Street Art Festival, also called Machinami Art Festival, held in Tamba Sasayama. This seven-day showcase transforms old houses into art galleries and takes place from 15  to 17 Sept. and 20 to 23 Sept. this year. 25 house galleries display potteries, paintings, sculptures and pictures works of total 32 artists. It is a stylish festival!

Masaaki Mizukami/Moldings

Sasayama city is situated in east central of Hyogo prefecture. The venue of the festival called Kawaramachi-Tsumairi-shoukagun is designated as an Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings by Japanese government. A number of town houses and merchant’s houses still remain in the town. You’ll encounter a Japanese historic old town here.
This festival is the most anticipated art festivals of its kind while a number of art events like this take place across the country. That is why the festival draws thousands of people from Japan and abroad. We get excited for the showcase every year!


Chikahiko Okada/Glass art

Asuka Nakayama/ Painter

To fully appreciate the history of this casle town Sasayama, there are also Old Tamba Pottery Museum and Museum of Noh Artifacts as well as souvenirs and antique stores.
Honidensumiyo/ Moding

Photographer: Shunsuke Nakanishi

Event Info
Dates: 15 -17 and 20-23 September
Time: 10am – 5pm
Venue: Kawaramachi-Tsumairi-Shoukegun, Sasayama city
Access: Take a Shinki bus from west exit of JR Fukuchiyama station to Honsasayama.
Machinami Art Festival Official website: http://sasayama-art.com/  (Japanese)
Area info
We’ll feature Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis exhibition in the next issue! Don’t miss it:)