20 June, 2011

[GOURMET] Akashiyaki vs. Takoyaki

  In our second installment from the Gourmet series, I decided to show the difference between Akashiyaki and Takoyaki. They look very similar, so some people may wonder what the difference is. I visited Akashi to taste the true Akashiyaki. 

  A famous dish from the city of Akashi in Hyogo prefecture, it is also called tamagoyaki by the locals. Akashiyaki is considered to be the root of Takoyaki, which is very popular throughout the country.

Akashiyaki of Akashi                            Takoyaki of Osaka

  Takoyaki only use wheat flour in the batter, but Akashiyaki use a mix of wheat flour and wheat starch. Wheat starch doesn’t harden when heated, so Akashiyaki can keep its soft, characteristic texture.

Amazing Skill of a Professional

Akashiyaki is served on a wooden plate called ageita. A piece of octopus is the only ingredient of Akashiyaki, and it is dipped in a special broth with green onion and Mitsuba parsley. Once you bite into the Akashiyaki, you’ll notice how soft it really is, and it just melts away in your mouth. Takoyaki is eaten with sauce and mayonnaise so that’s another major difference. It was so good, I ate 20 Akashiyaki by myself!

Akashiyaki is Eaten by Dipping it in Broth

  There are over 70 Akashiyaki restaurants in Akashi, and the taste varies depending on the restaurant. So visit Akashi, take a stroll, and try out the famous Akashiyaki!

Access to Akashi (Train)
Take a Special Rapid train for 15 minutes from JR Sannomiya, and get off at Akashi Station.


Akashi’s Tourist Attractions
Akashi Castle/Akashi Park

Akashi Municipal Planetarium   

Uonotana Fish Market

Next up in our series is “Delicious Ramen from Kobe.” Japanese Ramen is extremely popular among foreign tourists. Let’s see what kind of ramen Kobe has to offer.
See you on our next issue!

 Soo (Hyogo Tourism Association)