20 July, 2010

Visiting Fukusaki Town (Part 2 of 2)

After we enjoyed our delicious lunch, we then visited Gin-no-bashadou, which means “carriage road for silver” in English. Built in the early Meiji era, it was the first major industrial road in Japan. Connecting Ikuno Silver Mine and Himeji, this 49km road was busy with carriage transporting silver. It is used as a public road now, but there are many buildings along the side of the road that are present from that time period.

Former village headman Miki family’s house – entrance

Former village headman Miki family’s house – outside

Along the side of gin-no-bashadou road, there’s a house owned by the Miki family. Designated as the prefecture cultural property, it is considered one of Fukusaki town’s treasures. Miki family was in charge of the town back in the day. The house was so big, I couldn’t fit the entire house in a single picture.

Former Tsujigawa Post Office

Right next to Miki family’s house, there’s a former Tsujigawa Post Office. Built in a western-style, this national cultural property has a very nostalgic feel to it.

On my way home, I saw a bamboo shooting through asphalt ground. It was so bizarre, I just couldn’t ignore it.

Fukusaki is a beautiful town with mellow relaxing atmosphere.

If you want to experience the slow, nostalgic side of Japan, come and visit the town of Fukusaki.

Soo (Hyogo Tourism Association)