15 September, 2010

Fall in Tamba—The Season of Art and Delicacies

In Tamba’s mountainous region, chestnuts, Matsutake mushrooms, and black beans are some of the popular seasonal delicacies.
There’s an old saying, “Ten-takaku-uma-koeru-aki” which means, fall is a season when the sky is clear and the horses grow large. So food has always been a very big part of fall in Japan.

Today, we’re going to introduce the northern part of Hyogo. Located right beside Kyoto prefecture, The Tamba region offers a variety of events to celebrate this wonderful season.

Tamba Sasayama Food Festival

Tamba’s Taste Fair

Enjoy delicious fall delicacies each day at this year’s fair.
Black beans and Tamba chestnuts, two of the most famous foods from the Tamba-Sasayama region, as well as other local specialties, can be found at the fair.
Fall brings delicious food to Tamba, which also brings many smiles to the region. Come and enjoy the amazing food of Tamba.

Venue:Area surrounding Sasayama Castle Ruin
Access:Catch the Shinki Green Bus from JR Sasayama Station, and get off at the
             Sasayama Honmachi Bus Stop.

Tamba Chestnuts

Tamba Sasayama・Historic Street Art Festival
The biggest art festival to be held in the machiya, historic Japanese houses. Art work by popular artists from different types, such as sculpture, painting, and ceramic art, are displayed in over 25 machiya.

Venue: Sasayama-shi, Hyogo Kawaramachi-tsumairi-shokagun
Hours: 10:00 – 17:00
Access: Get off at JR Sasayamaguchi Station and catch the Shinki Bus heading for Sasayama Eigyo-sho
            from the west exit. Get off at Hon-Sasayama Bus Stop.
TEL: 079-552-2524 (Head Office)
URL: http://sasayama-art.com/

Tamba Sasayama Historic Street Art Festival

Tamba Pottery Festival and Food Market
10/16 (Sat) ・10/17 (Sun) 9:00~17:00
Tamba Pottery is one of the six ancient potteries in Japan. This annual event allows visitors to purchase these high quality art works for an affordable price.

Venues: Tachikui Sue-no-Sato, Sasayama-shi Imada, Hyogo Pottery Art Museum
Access: Catch the shuttle bus for Tachikui Sue-no-Sato from JR Aino Station.
             ¥290/one-way *Free shuttle bus available at the site

Tamba Potteries

Special Exhibition: Shigeru Mizuki’s Japanese Monster Goju-santsugu
July 31 (Sat) - Oct 3 (Sun)
Mizuki Shigeru’s exhibition, the father of Japanese manga monsters, is best known for his work Ge-ge-ge no Kitaro.

Venue: Tamba City Ueno Memorial Art Museum (615-4 Nishinaka Hikami-cho Tamba-shi Hyogo-ken)
Hours: 10:00 to 17:00 (Last entry at 16:30)
Holidays: Mondays (Closed on the following weekday if Monday is a national holiday)
Admission: Adults ¥500 High school/College Students ¥300
Elementary/Junior High Students ¥200
Access: From JR Kaibara Station (or Iso Station), catch the Shinki Bus and get off at
TEL: 0795-82-5945

Tamba City Ueno Memorial Art Museum

Enjoy fall with beautiful art works and delicious food in Tamba!

Ping (Hyogo Tourism Association)