10 December, 2010

The movie “Norwegian Wood” and Tonomine Highlands

  Norwegian Wood, a best-selling book written by Haruki Murakami, was made into a movie. The film will be released on December 11 (Saturday) in Japan.  As filming locations for this highly anticipated film, Hyogo prefecture’s Mineyama and Tonomine Highlands in Kamikawa-cho were chosen..
Mineyama Highland                    Tonomine Highland

  Mineyama Highland, surrounded by the beautiful mountains, and Tonomine Highland, famous for vast plane with tall silver grass in fall, made for perfect locations to shoot the movie. You can check out both locations on the movie trailer. The beautiful green scenery at the beginning, and the part with the snow covered field, were taken at these locations.

Norwegian Wood Officil Site (Japanese) Click “予告編” (Trailer)

  Visitors can enjoy hiking in summer, and watching the leaves change color in fall, these highlands are great places to visit if you’re into the outdoors.

The wood in fall

  When you’re looking for a place to take a break, stop by at the elegant Mineyama Highland Hotel Relaxia.

Mineyama Highland Hotel Relaxia

  Signs are available for places where the movie was filmed, so visitors can experience the world of Norwegian Wood.

  For all you movie fans and Haruki Murakami fans, come and visit the Mineyama and Tonomine Highlands!

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Norwegian Wood Filming Location: Mineyama Highland and Tonomine Highland (Japanese

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Mineyama Highland Hotel Relaxia (Japanese)

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