11 March, 2011

Hina Dolls of Yodoko Guest House

  Have you ever seen a Japanese hina doll?
  On March 3rd, also known as Girl’s Day, Hina festival is held to pray for girl’s growth and good health.

  Hina dolls are traditional Japanese dolls that are put on display on Girl’s Day. With Otoko-hina (male doll) and Onna-hina (female doll) in the center, they are surrounded by 3 servant dolls and 5 musician dolls.

  Today, I’m going to introduce very famous and popular hina dolls of Yodoko Guest House.

Hina Dolls of Yodoko Guest House

  Yodoko Guest House sits on top of the hill in Ashiya, Hyogo. This beautiful building was designed by an architect who is believed to be one of the very best from the 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright. Today, this guest house is designated as the country’s Important Cultural Property.

Entrance of Yodoko Guest House       Outside View of Yodoko Guest House

  It was originally built as a villa for Tazaemon Yamamura, an owner of sake brewery in Nada. This is one of the very few buildings that Wright has built in the country.

Inside Yodoko Guest House                  Inside Yodoko Guest House
  At Yodoko Guest House, special display of hina dolls is held between February and April.

  The dolls that are on display were ordered by Tazaemon Yamamura to celebrate the birth of his eldest daughter in 1900. It was made by Kyoto’s famous doll maker, Maruhei Oki Ningyo-ten, and it took them 2 years to complete.

   Hina Dolls                                                          Hina Dolls     

  Beautiful dresses and delicate expressions on individual dolls show the skill of the craftsman.

Rare Western Cloths Hina Doll             Hina Doll’s Accessories and Furniture

  From the hill where Yodoko Guest House stands, you can overlook the city of Ashiya and the row of cherry blossom trees growing along Ashiya River. According to the tour guide, this is one of the most beautiful places that she knows.

  I hope you’ll get a chance to visit Yodoko Guest House!

Yodoko Guest House (English)

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