17 October, 2011

Experiencing Tamba-style Pottery

We’re starting our new topic, “Experiencing Hyogo’s Art.” Today, we’re going to introduce Tamba-yaki, a style of pottery from the Tamba region.
              Tamba Tachikui pottery is one of the six oldest potteries in Japan. The City of Sasayama in Hyogo is home to over 60 pottery makers with a history of over 800 years.
              Tamba-yaki is created using a climbing kiln. It is baked for 60 hours at a temperature of 1300°C. As a result, pine wood used to build the fire turns into ashes and covers part of the pottery. This gives unique designs to each pottery and is one of the biggest characteristics of Tamba-yaki pottery.
              Since the start, Tamba-yaki was mainly used as items for everyday use, so the simplicity of Tamba-yaki pottery is another major characteristic. 

                                    A Climbing Kiln                               Pottery Covered in Ashes

About Tamba-yaki  http://www.tanbayaki.com/en.htmEnglish
Tamba-yaki Pottery Spots
             In Tamba-yaki Sue-no-Sato in Sasayama, there’s an area called Kamamoto Yokocho, where 57 pottery makers display their work. Visitors can purchase these items so it’s a popular place to take some time and go for a walk while looking for your favorite item. It’s also fun to compare the differences in style and color depending on the pottery makers.
                    Kamamoto-yokocho in Sue-no-sato        Tamba Style Coffee Cup

Tamba-yaki Sue-no-Sato Spot Information

      For those who want to experience making Tamba pottery, there are pottery classes available. Recently it’s been a very popular course. Beginners are welcome, so come and create your own original piece of pottery. 
Pottery Making

Hours           April-September  10am~4:30pm
                            October-March    10am~3:30 pm
                            Open Daily         (Except Dec.29~Jan. 3)
Info                            Pottery Making Large (plates, bowls etc)  ¥1,500
                                                        Small (mug cup, rice bowls, etc.)  ¥900
                            Painting a mug/ cup         600
                            Painting a plate                ¥800
                            Potter’s Wheel (Only for people with pottery making experience)
Time              30~90 minutes.
The actual baking of pottery will be done by the professionals, so it will take about a month to a month and a half. There are bakers who are willing to send your artwork to countries outside of Japan (Shipping fee not included).

Experiencing Pottery Making 

Discover Hyogo “Zen and Pottery”

Located next to Sue-no-sato, is The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo .The museum hosts many events related to pottery so don’t forget to stop by during your visit. Maybe taking some inspiration from the museum will help you when you make your own pottery.

The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo Spot Information

Come and take a walk in this beautiful city, and experience the craftsmanship of Tamba-yaki and the history of Japanese culture.

The next issue is on “Tombodama glass art.” See you next time!

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