20 December, 2011

Sobameshi & Bokkake!

 This issue covers two more local delicacies, Sobameshi and Bokkake, from Nagata Ward, Kobe City.

 Sobameshi is said to have been started by female factory workers. They mixed cold rice in their lunch box with Chinese-style wheat noodles and locally-produced Worcester sauce on a hot iron plate (Teppan) at Okonomiyaki restaurants.

 You can enjoy the light taste and texture of the noodles, rice and the sauce only in Nagata where people are most enthusiastic about Konamon. Flour-based food, such as Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Udon noodles and Soba noodles, are collectively known as Konamon in the Kansai area.

 “Bokkake” is a dish using small cuts of hashed beef gristle and chopped konnyaku with sweet 'n'spicy sauce. Bokkake is used as a savory ingredient with a crunchy texture for curry, rice, Okonomiyaki and Udon noodles.

 You will see a large number of signs saying “Soba-meshi is served here!” or “Bokkake is served here!” around JR Shin Nagata Station.

Banner for "Sobameshi"

Sign reading Bokkake, Udon

 Let’s head to a restaurant to try this local specialty!
 I ordered Sobameshi and Okonomiyaki with Bokkake.

 At first, the chef started cooking Sobameshi.

 He stir-fried the Chinese-style wheat noodles and rice, then… 

 Ta-dah! Here is the Bokkake!!

Adding “Bokkake” and stir-frying …

Chopping noodles and rice…

This is the distinctive local sauce from Nagata!

Adding the special sauce, and stir-frying again…

 Now it’s ready to serve! Let’s eat with a spatula. When in Nagata, do as Nagata local people do. The heated sauce smells so nice.
 You can taste both the noodles and the rice at the same time… What an efficient dish!

 Next, Okonomiyaki with Bokkake was served.

 Pour the special sauce as much as you like, and let’s dig in while it’s still hot!
 This Okonomiyaki contains a mixture of a chewier base and crunchy Bokkake.
 It is a surprising and delicious combination of tastes.

 Here are links to those gourmet dishes above:
The gourmet map for Teppan-yaki (hot plate dishes) and Konamon in Kobe and Shin Nagata (Japanese only)

 The landmark monument Tetsujin 28-go (Iron Man No.28) and the heroes of Sangokushi (the Romance of Three Kingdoms) welcome you on your visit to Nagata!
 See “KOBE Tetsujin PROJECT” (Japanese only)

Tetsujin 28-go

Guan Yu (General under Liu Bei)

Zhao Yun (General of Shu Han)

PingHyogo Tourism Association)