20 February, 2012

Title: Kiyomori Chaya (CAFE Kiyomori), OPEN!

Last month, “Kiyomori Chaya (CAFÉ Kiyomori)” opened! The café is open on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays in four places: The temples Nofuku-ji, Shinko-ji and Yakusen-ji as well as Wada Shrine in Hyogo Ward, Kobe City. Each of these four places has a deep connection with Taira no Kiyomori (see the last three articles about Taira no Kiyomori).
Visitors can make themselves comfortable while enjoying the unique atmosphere of a typical Japanese Chaya (café).

At “Kiyomori Chaya (CAFÉ Kiyomori)” in Nofukuji-temple.

At “Kiyomori Chaya (CAFÉ Kiyomori)” in Nofukuji-temple.

A Chaya is an open-air café where guests sit on a bench covered with a red felt carpet and have tea and refreshments under a traditional Japanese parasol made of coarse red oilpaper.

The four cafes feature a set menu called “Kiyomori Gozen” (\500). The set includes “Karigane-cha” or a kind of traditional Japanese tea produced in Kobe and three kinds of refreshments that can be selected from eight options. 

The Kiyomori Gozen (\500): from left, traditionally-cooked sea weed, salmon and sand eels.

“Kiyomori Chaya, Ossettai (CAFÉ Kiyomori’s hospitality team) puts on an open-air performance at Nofuku-ji Temple. The performers of the team put on Heian-period style costumes and give performances including a mini-drama involving Kiyomori twice a day, at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm.

“Kiyomori Chaya, Osettai”

“Kiyomori Chaya, Osettai”

A round trip service by a pedicab called “Rin-taku Kiyomori-go” operates a tour starting at Nofuku-ji Temple before visiting Shinko-ji Temple, Kiyomorizuka (a tower in memory of Kiyomori), “Canal Promenade” (a walking trail along the Hyogo Canal) finishing up at Nofuku-ji Temple or at the “Taira no Kiyomori” Historical Museum.

Tourists can hire this two-seater pedicab and can enjoy visiting sightseeing spots comfortably as if sat on a couch. Why not try a tour with Rin-taku Kiyomori-go ? 

“Rin-taku Kiyomori-go ” starts out from Nofuku-ji Temple!

Enjoy a tour with great scenery

Drop in at the café when you come to Kobe. The staff are ready and waiting for your visit to the Kiyomori Chaya!

“We are really looking forward to seeing you!”

Kiyomori Chaya (CAFE Kiyomori)
Open date: Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Admission free!
Main venue: Nofuku-ji Temple (the Great Buddha of Hyogo)
Kita-Sakasegawa-cho, Hyogo Ward, Kobe
Access: 10 minute walk from JR Hyogo Stn., or a 7 minute walk from Chuoichibamae
Stn., Municipal Subway Kaigan Line

“Rin-taku Kiyomori-go ”
Round trip starts out from Nofuku-ji Temple.
Operation: Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
Fare: A 30 minute tour costs \1,500, and \500 will be added for every additional 10 minutes.
*Advanced reservations available. Call the office of “Rintaku Kiyomori-go” on 080-2227-0466

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