15 October, 2012

Hyogo’s Best Viewpoints: Downtown Kobe

Hi everyone! I’d like to introduce some of the best viewpoints in Kobe in this edition. Hyogo’s main city has some truly amazing views.

If you are looking for a beautiful view of Kobe city, then be sure to visit the observatory deck at Kobe City Hall. It is located just five minutes’ walk from Sannomiya station and is surrounded by a number of buildings such as department stores and banks. As the tallest building in the area, it’s very easy to spot.

The 30-story Kobe City Hall is 132 meters tall and one of the best locations for looking out over the city. The observatory on the 24th floor is open to everyone for free. It provides a panoramic view of Kobe city including Mt. Rokko on the north side and Port Island to the south. You may be able to look out over Osaka Bay or the Kii Peninsula, Wakayama if you are lucky with the weather.

An iconic view of Kobe

Kobe Port Tower is a bright red icon of the city and is one of the quintessential tourist destinations in Kobe. Visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of Kobe city and its surroundings from the observatory at the top of the tower.

The view of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge between Kobe and Awaji Island is another superb view. There is an observation deck called Maiko Marine Promenade on the Kobe side with its own camera system that makes you feel like you are looking down from the bridge from 300m up. Those looking for a bit of thrill can go for a walk on a log bridge while looking down to the sea 47m below.

Next, let me introduce you to some mountain views. Situated half an hour away from downtown Kobe, Mt. Rokko has a view that simply cannot be missed.

Here visitors can enjoy one of Japan’s three most beautiful night views.
How to get there: Maya Cable, Hoshino Eki station (Free of charge)
Venus Bridge (Suwayama Park) 

This beautiful view is also a popular dating spot.
How to get there: Take Kobe City Bus No.7 from Sannomiya station to Suwayama Koen-shita.
It’s either a 20-minute hike or a transfer to Kobe City Bus No.25 to Venus Bridge.

Rokko-Shidare Observatory

Discover the natural wonders and beautiful vistas of Mt. Rokko.

Kobe is surrounded by the sea and mountains and no visit to Kobe would be complete without sampling some of its fantastic views.

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