16 July, 2013

Japanese baseball game experience at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium.

Baseball sounds very much American thing. However, I can assure you now that Japanese baseball game is more entertaining than that of the USA. The Hanshin Tigers baseball club in Hyogo, known as the Tigers, has Japan’s most passionate sporting supporters. Their famous home stadium Hanshin Koshien Stadium was built in 1924, where is also a famous ground of the National High School Baseball Championship. I’ll introduce some tips to enjoy baseball experience at the Hyogo’s most visited place with their biggest match of the season against the Yomiuri Giants.



To get to the stadium, take Hanshin Electric Railway from Sannomiya and Umeda to Hanshin Koshien Station. It takes just 20 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. It couldn’t be simpler. When you get to the station, you’ll find the Tigers Shop where you find all of Tigers merchandise, souvenirs and kits available.


Make sure pay a visit to the Museum of Hanshin Koshien Stadium to know them better before a match. Passionate tour guides take you to a trip back in time. There are also English, Korean and Chinese (Traditional and simplified) recorded guides are available. Just click the language you want on the guide. They offer stadium tours throughout the year.



You’ll witness deep history of the National High School Baseball Championship. This championship is one of the largest sporting events in Japan where every baseball player once dream to play in. The stadium is a home of history and drama. In the Tigers zone, greatest moments of the club are highlighted. You can learn about its history, tales of past payers and the stadium.


There is a Manga zone which features Japanese baseball manga such as the Touch on the wall.

A stadium view from the backscreen. A good spot to take photos.


Girls and boys called Uriko come and sell draft beers, drinks and ice cream in the stands. This is one of the difference between America and Japan. Drinks and foods are ready. Now the game starts!

The Tigers chants are ecstatic. It is like a game of European football! I don’t understand the game, but watching fans itself worth a visit. They made me cheer along.


Seventh inning stretch is the moment of  the match. All the Hanshin Tigers fans blow up balloons into the air. It gives you a buzz!  I’m sure you’ll be one of the Tigers like me by the end of a game.
General Information

Hanshin Koshien Stadium
47,757 Seats
Stadium opening hours 9.30-17.00 (closed on Mondays and bank holidays)
Stadium tour enquiry: call 0798-47-1041
Website: http://www.hanshin.co.jp/koshien/ (Japanese only)

 The Museum of Hanshin Koshien Stadium
Opening hours: 10.00-18.00 (10.00 -17.00 November)
Closed on Mondays excluding match days and bank holidays.
Admission: Adults 500 yen, Children 300 yen
Website: http://www.koshien-rekishikan.com/ (Japanese only)
Enquiry: Call 0798-47-1041

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