10 August, 2010

Evening Summer Events in Japan

In Japan, schools go on holiday in July. That’s when exciting summer events are held throughout Japan.
One of them is the ever popular firework festival.

These festivals were originally held as a kind of a memorial service for the deceased. But now it has become the major summer time event in Japan.

There are 2 types of fireworks used in the festival. One of them is called uchiage-hanabi, and it means lauching fireworks. Another one is called shikake-hanabi, which means trick firework. So this type of firework forms pictures, messages, or has unique effects. Fireworks in Japan are made by special craftsmen so their technique and amazing work are highly acknowledged throughout the world. Please come and see these beautiful and exciting artworks lighting up the summer night sky.

Natsumatsuri, or the summer festivals are another favorite summer activity. These events may not have large firework displays, but they definitely make up that by having numerous vendors with delicious food and fun games.

                                   Kids playing at a stall             Kingyo (goldfish)-sukui (scoop)

                               A popular snack, Takoyaki              Summer Festival (Tamba-Sasayama
                                    sold at the vendors                            Region Dekansho Festival)

In Hyogo, many of the hot spring towns have rental yukata (casual kimono) services, and they’ll also teach you how to wear them. Please try on traditional yukata and enjoy the evening in Japan.

Video “Enjoy hot springs in yukata!”

Hana (Hyogo Tourism Association)