27 August, 2010

Rare Plants from Around the World! –The Plants Museum of Miracle Planet- (Kiseki-no-hoshi-no-shokubutsukan)

Have you ever heard of “The Plants Museum of Miracle Planet” at Awaji Yumebutai in Awaji city? It was designed by the world famous architect, Tadao Ando, A Pritzker Architecture Prize recipient. It opened in 2000 as the largest green house in Japan. Ando actually designed most of the buildings in Awaji Yumebutai. It’s a unique botanical garden where you can enjoy both natural and artistic beauty.

                                             Inside the The Plants Museum of Miracle Planet

The Bali Flower Show 2010 started on July 17 and is going on till September 12. Awaji Yumebutai offer different events for every season, so you can always see something new. The beautifully illuminated garden during Christmas is a must see!

The garden is filled with many tropical flowers and plants. There were many people taking pictures with these rare plants. I was mesmerized by the captivating colors and sweet scent of the flowers. It truly felt like I was taking a stroll in Bali.


Also known as the “Island of Flowers,” there are many flower related sightseeing attractions on the island. We’ll be introducing more of these places in the future!
<< The Plants Museum of Miracle Planet Event Information>>

★ Bali Flower Show 2010 –Garden of the Gods- July 17 (Sat)- September 12 (Sun)
Venue: Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Yumebutai Green House
Location: Awaji-shi Yumebutai 4
Access: 50 minutes on the express bus from Kobe/Sannomiya. Get off at Awaji Yumebutai.
Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Closed: 2nd Thursday of July and November.
URL :http://www.kisekinohoshi.jp/

★ Fall Garden Show “Yumebutai Garden Renaissance 2010” September 18 (Sat) – November 7 (Sun)
More information at http://www.hyogo-tourism.jp/english/whatsnew/awaji_01.html

★ Winter Garden Show “Christmas Flower Show 2010” November 13 (Sat) – January 16 (Sun)
URL :http://www.kisekinohoshi.jp/

Soo (Hyogo Tourism Association)