10 November, 2011

Hyogo Promotion Booth at Busan International Film Festival

From October 6 to October 14, we were in Busan, Korea, for the biggest film festival of the year, the “Busan International Film Festival.” Along with the film festival, there was also the Busan International Film Commission & Industry Showcase (BIFCOM) between October 10 and October 13. This is where we had our PR booth set up, and I was there as an interpreter! Let me tell you a little bit about the film festival.

▼BIFCOM2011 http://www.afpforum.org/sub06/sub01.htm (English

BEXCO, the official site for BIFCOM
2011 marks the 11th year of BIFCOM. Film commissions and imaging related companies from all over the world set up booths to promote their work to people from the movie industry.


Outside BIFCOM.
You can still enjoy the atmosphere of the film festival along the beach.

We handed out Korean and English guide books and maps of Hyogo prefecture to film production companies from different countries. We also talked about movies that were filmed in the prefecture, and we were able to make connections with many of the producers.

Our Hyogo Film Location Support Net booth

Watching clips of Hyogo

Many Korean film producers also visited our booth

Some of the movies that were filmed recently in Hyogo include “Hankyu Densha (Hankyu Train)”by Yoshishige Miyake, “Norwegian Wood” by Tran Anh Hung, and “Outrage” by Takeshi Kitano. “Hankyu Densha” was shown during the festival. It was a great opportunity for people from other countries to see this great film.

   Hyogo Location Support Net http://www.hyogo-film.jp/english/ (English

Hankyu Densha Blog

Norwegian Wood Blog

The City of Kobe has created a pamphlet that introduces the city by highlighting filming locations from different movies. Walking around town while imagining a scene from a movie can be an interesting experience.

Kobe Film Location Guide
Inside the Takasago Building in the Kyukyoryuchi area (former foreign settlement area), there’s a set from the movie “Outrage” by director Takeshi Kitano on display for free. They have recreated the set to the finest detail, like a bullet hole from one of the scenes from the movie. It’s very close to the station (Which Station?), so it’ll be a great place to check out on your visit to Kobe.

Photo of the set taken by Soo on September 23, 2011

Fee: Free
Location: Kyukyoryuchi, Kobe Takasago Building Room 402
Hours: 10:00-20:00
Access: A 7 minute walk from Hankyu, Hanshin Sannomiya (100 Edo-cho Chuo-ku, Kobe)
Website: Kobe Kyukyoryuchi Takaso Building http://www.100ban.jp/index.html

Please come and visit Hyogo’s famous filming locations!
Our next blog is going to be on Local Cuisine. First up, a very popular local dish “Kakogawa Katsumeshi”!

 SooHyogo Tourism Association)