09 December, 2011

【Local Gourmet Food】The B-1 Grand Prix in Himeji: A Local Gourmet Competition

 A local gourmet competition, “The 6th B-1 Grand Prix” was held between the 12th and 13th of November in Himeji, Hyogo! This big food competition is held annually and groups from almost every prefecture in Japan bring their most prized B-class gourmet food to win the heart and stomach of the visitors, who vote for their favorite B-1 food of the event. This year, a record-breaking 515,000 visitors came to the event during the period and that shows just how much passion Japanese people have for trying delicious food, as well as how serious the 63 participants are about the #1 spot.

     Official website for B-1 Grand Prix in Himeji :  http://www.b1-himeji.jp/Japanese
*This event has already ended.

 The official guide book and coupon

 Three popular B-class gourmet dishes from Hyogo, Himeji Oden (a one-bowl Japanese dish made with broth), Akashi-Yaki (soft dumplings similar to Takoyaki and Takasago Nikuten (a unique Japanese pizza) entered this competition. All of them are cheap and so tasty!


 Alongside the B-1 Grand Prix, the Himeji Food Expo 2011 was held at the venue adjacent to that of the B-1 Grand Prix (the Himeji Castle area), and local groups working on community revitalization in Hyogo Prefecture who participated in this Expo, were busy with many visitors. The Food Expo is held on 3rd or 4th weekend in November near Himeji Castle. Please try local gourmet foods that can only be enjoyed in Hyogo Prefecture.

Himeji Food Expo 2011”

 The Awajishima Burger, which won the third prize at the national championship of The Local Speciality Burger event in October, was sold on the premises.

The Awajishima Burger Stand at the expo

 The Awajishima Burger is a hamburger which consists of a generous helping of deep-fried onions and juicy Awaji beef patties. It is a big and filling hamburger!

The Awajishima Burger with juicy Awaji beef patties

Wrapper of the burger: cute, isn’t it?

 Local gourmet competitions are held everywhere in Japan and each competitive event, including B-class gourmet, is very popular among Japanese people. Why not come to Hyogo and try some of our local specialties!

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 Our next issue features a story about another local dish, “Himeji Oden” which took part in “the B-1 Grand Prix” above. What are the features of this local dish? Don’t miss the next issue!