27 July, 2012

Awaji Farm Park England Hill

Hello again!
In this 4th edition of our series introducing amusement parks, I’d like to introduce Awaji Farm Park England Hill. It has animals such as koalas and wallabies as well as an English garden and souvenir shops with local sweets. Visitors also have the opportunity to harvest vegetables and fruits.
To get there, simply take an express coach from Sannomiya bus terminal to Awaji Farm Park. It is a one and a half hour journey that takes you over the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. The park is located right across from the Awaji Farm Park bus stop.

Animal Watching
The most popular feature in the park is Koala Pavilion! You might be wondering why there are koalas even though it’s named “England Hill.” Well, the state of Western Australia and Hyogo prefecture have had a sister-state relationship for 30 years. The koalas were given to Hyogo to celebrate this relationship. Ever since then, Koalas have been much-loved by Hyogo’s citizens. The reason it is called “England hill” is because the England football team stayed in Awaji during the 2002 Japan-Korea football world cup.
There are eight koalas in the park. They are mostly nocturnal so you probably won’t see them being particularly active during park opening hours. But they are still very cute even if they are asleep. Here’s a tip: visit the pavilion right before the park closes. You’ll be able to see them awake if you are lucky!

There are also wallabies and peacocks in the park. Above all, white peacocks are the ones to watch! The male and female are all pure white. Have you ever seen them? They’re pretty rare.

Embrace local cuisine
I’m sure that visitors will enjoy the local Awaji’s cuisine to be had at England Hill. Awaji-shima Gyu-don is made of Awaji rice, beef and onions. The best way to relish Awaji beef is an Awaji barbeque or Shima Barger. Desserts such as rich ice cream and soft serve ice cream made of Awaji milk are also popular.

Onion soft serve ice cream made of Awaji onions and milk noodles made of local onions and milk are only available in Awaji. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?
An exclusive summer menu is available from July to August. Please have a taste of Awaji’s specialty cuisine here!

Summer flowers
Minami Awaji City, where England Hill is located, has mild weather and a variety of flowers come into bloom throughout the year. The island’s magnificent summer view filled with 50,000 sunflowers is hard to beat!

There are other attractions such as ice cream and bread making lessons, a locally-grown produce store, boats and go-karts. Whatever you try, Awaji Farm Park England Hill is a great day out!

Park Info
Admission: Adult (12+) 800 yen, Children (4+) 400 yen, free for children under 3
Opening hours:
March – October 9:00-17:00, 9:00-18:00 (Weekends and holidays)
November 9:00-17:00
December – February 10:00-17:00
Open year around

Kanzaki Farm Park Yodel Forest, where you can see alpacas and capybaras will be the focus of the next issue! Don’t miss it! :)

Hyogo Tourism Association