23 July, 2012

Let's enjoy Rokko mountain!

Hello everyone! Summer is upon us! Today, I’d like to introduce the natural theme park that is the Mt. Rokko area.

Rokko cable car has a panoramic view of Kobe city

Mt. Rokko is situated 30 minutes from Sannnomiya in Kobe, Hyogo’s capital city. Getting there using public transport could not be simpler.

On top of the mountain, there is a multitude of amusements such as Rokko-san Field Athletics, Rokko International Musical Box Museum, Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden and Japan’s first golf course. These facilities are well connected to each other (just a few minutes by car or bus/ 5 minutes on foot), so visitors can enjoy many attractions at a time.

Get active at Rokko!
Why not get your whole body moving in the sunshine at Rokko Field Athletics?
Do you know Hyogo has ski resorts? Visitors can relish skiing on Rokko-san Man-made Ski Grounds during the winter. Ski wear and equipment are available to rent, offering you a great opportunity to ski, especially for first-time skiers. Wouldn’t you like to give it a try?

Ghenghis Khan

Gourmet Foods
It would be a shame to miss out on a delicious lamb barbecue at Rokko Garden Terrace when you visit Mt. Rokko. “Ghenghis Khan” as it’s known in Japan, is a dish featuring healthy lamb and vegetables and is enjoyed by children and adults alike.
For dessert, soft -serve ice cream made from fresh milk from a farm in Mt.Rokko is my recommendation. You won’t be able to forget the rich taste once you’ve tried it!

Embrace nature

Rokkosan Country House and Rokkosan Pasture are great places to embrace a wealth of natural resources. 2,000 roses from 90 varieties come in bloom during June and July at Rokkosan Country House. Cosmoses on the other hand, can be enjoyed in the autumn and tulips in the spring. Meanwhile at Rokkosan Pasture, visitors can come face to face with sheep, rabbits and other cute animals.

How about refreshing your mind and body among Mt. Rokko’s beautiful green scenery?

The Kansai Thru Pass allows you to get discount on admission tickets to Rokko Cable Cars, Rokko International Music Box Museum, Rokkosan Country House and Rokkosan Field Athletics.

Details on the Kansai Thru Pass in English


Hankyu Mikage/ JR Rokko michi/ Hankyu Rokko station
Kobe city bus no.16 (10-30 minutes)
Rokko cable Shita (lower) station
Rokko Cable Car (10 minutes)
Rokko cable Sanjo (upper) Station
Rokko Sanjo Bus (7-11 minutes)
Mt. Rokko area


Hyogo Tourism Guide to Mt. Rokko
http://www.hyogo-tourism.jp/english/spot/41_rokko.html (English)

Feel Kobe, Kobe city official website
http://feel-kobe.jp/_en/ (English)

Mt. Rokko website (Japanese)

Rokkosan Pasture website (Japanese)

Next time, we’d like to talk about Awaji Farm Park England Hill. Don’t miss it!

Hyogo Tourism Association